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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  November 5, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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rossi tweeting his concession. so patty murray will be returning to washingn as the senator from the great state of washington. we're very proud of our excellent blog. our e-mail address and our free podcast is at itune. "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell starts now. >> another republican leader? the senate says republicans should try over and over and over again to repeal the president's health care law. the tea party congresswoman who wanted to investigate, quote, anti-american legislators and have constitution classes for incoming members is now running for a leadership post in the house republican majority. and house democrats have no idea who their leader is going to be. let the party in-fighting begin. >> the by question on the front page of "usa today," now what?
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not just from president obam, but republicans. >> voters made their choice now democrats and republicans have to do the same. >> do we have any reason to believe now these two sides are work together? >> the soon-to-be speaker sounds promising. >> we discussed working together. >> i think barack obama and john boehner will actually like each other. they're both smokers. they like golfing. >> but the senate republican leader wants a fight instead of a hand shake. >> i want to have a republican president after 2012. >> they want president obama out. >> he didn't get the let's all work together post election memo. >> republicans also have to decide, follow the sarah palin-jim demient-michelle bachman tea party across the bridge to nowhere -- >> this is our movement. this is our moment. >> clearly, she believes she's
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the tea party leader >> it may take some renegades going rogue. >> she's extra sassy these days. >> or follow the responsible course and work together. >> the dust is still settling. >> off the president of one party, a congress of the other. >> they don't want us engaged in gridlock, they want us to do the people's business. >> the clinton years and during the bush year, that was our most productive time. >> good evening from new york, i'm lawrence o'donnell. president obama has signal head's ready to compromise with republicans on issues like energy and taxes and republicans have signaled that president obama will have to be very, very patient. >> over the past week, some have said it was indelicate of me to suggest that our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term.
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but the fact is, if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the health spending bill, to end the bailouts, cut spending, and shrink the size and scope of government, the only way to do all of those things is to put someone in the white house who won't veto any of these things. >> so while the obama administration politely bows to the reality of the new math and says things like, quote, the only way we're going to solve the problems we have is to address them together and work together, the republican leadership prepares to dismantle the president's signature policy accomplishment. >> on health care, that means we can and should propose and vote on straight repeal repeatedly. but we can't expect the president to sign it. so we'll also have to work in the house on denying funds for implementation and in the senate against its most egregious provisions. >> on november 18, the white house will invite fleersd both party, including john banener, nancy pelosi if she's still in
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the leadership, eric cantor, mitch mcconnell and harry reid to the white house. they will have a day of bipartisan discussions. will a compromise emerge or is the real battle for 2012 po sensually bloodier than anything we've seen? and is it just getting started? joining me now are david frum, former bush economic speech writer and founder of and john podesta, current president and ceo of the center for american progress. john podesta, there may be a revolt breaking out over nancy pelosi's leadership today. democratic congressman heath
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schuler from north carolina said, if there's not a viable alternative to pelosi, like i said all along, i can go recruit moderate members to run in swing districts in that situation. i could do it better than she could. and that's what it's going to take. it's going to take moderate candidates to win back those seats. john podesta, first of all, should nancy pelosi step aside from the leadership? and secondly, is schuler right? is it going to take moderate wins in those districts that were lost this week in order to take the seats back in the house? >> well, i would start by saying it's going to be her decision about whether she wants to stay and be leader. and i think that steny hoyer agrees with that. you have to look back the last two years and say she's been one of the most effective speakers of the house in modern history. whether she's the right leader going forward is going to be, i
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think, her decision. as to the matter of whether it's going to take moderates to win in those seat, i think we saw over the last couple of cycles that moderates can win in those seats. this was a particularly bad year, but those are seats that can be won back. >> john, for at least 40 years an effective speaker was defined by the democratic party as one that holds the majority. doesn't the fact that nancy pelosi lost majority do something to what the definition of her as an effective speaker. >> look, i think she's probably reflecting on that, you know, this evening. but i think that mostly what i think of as an effective speaker is someone who can get the job done. president obama asked her to pass some very tough legislation. she held the caucus together to do so. so i think when history judges her, she'll be viewed as a person quite strong as speaker of the house. >> tom delay has advice from the new republican majority in the house. here's what he say, comparing what he would do differently from what he did when he took over the majority in 1995.
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what i would do differently from what we did when we took over in 1995 is i would have one week a month as a repeal session so members could come in and repeal government. repeal the bad things in government and spent all week repealing bad laws. should they be taking their advice from tom delay? starting with the obama health care law? >> i think there's a lot of private advice you want to take from tom delay. the public advice may not be the best advice. look, the public leadership has a problem. mitch mcconnell was brutally humiliated in his own state. he endorsed trey grayson. jim demint the very next day enforced rand paul, who wasn't even born in the state. and demint prevailed in mcconnell's state and mcconnell lost. mcconnell has to worry now about his authority in congress. demint proved himself a superb fundraiser. in the house, michelle bachmann raised more money than john boehner.
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they're not radicals. they're deal makers. they're expressing a second-hand radicalism. one of the tests of the administration's skill, the white house has to find ways to empower mcconnell and boehner in their caucuses. to start a cycle of -- >> what would be an example. >> the president did that today with his indication that i might be open to extending all of the bush tax cuts for two years opinion the door is open. now there's an incentive. now there's something that boehner and mcconnell can say look, you can follow bachmann, demint or delay. but then you'll explaining why the bush tax cuts lapsed. or you can follow me on a path that leads to renewal, at least for a time. and if that happen, then that starts a cycle where people begin to think you know what, maybe our top priority is getting out of this recession, not worrying about an election two years from now.
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>> if the president were to hold to his position on not allowing the top tax rates to stay low, would the republicans be willing to stop the tax cut that would then be enacted for everybody else that obama is ready to go? >> obama has to decide whether he wants to mousetrap republicans or deal with them. he could create something where you could drive a wedge into the republican party, embarrass the republican, create a political victory. if that were what you wanted. but it would not do the job of getting the republican leadership to buy into a process of cooperation. republicans have soup porters and bases and donors to keep happy, too. >> what do you expect if anything to be accomplished? >> well, i think he has to find some place where is he can find some common ground. as david was suggesting, i might have some different picks on education reform, on energy, et cetera.
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he has to find some common ground, but he also has to draw some bright lines about things he won't accept. when you have divided government, i think the clinton experience proves this, you have to be willing to compromise where compromise moves the country forward, but you also have to stand on principle, as clinton did, with respect to pushing back on gingrich, with the cuts in medicare and medicaid. and, you know, the republican leadership then shut the government down over those questions. and i think to their political detriment, president clinton was re-elected. so you have to both have clarity of principle and purpose, but be willing to find some place where is you can find common ground, and that's, i think, an agenda-setting exercise. and people around the country are going to be looking, i think, for both signals from president obama. >> john, what do you think of david's strategic suggestion as he put it about empowering mcconnell within his caucus.
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how can president obama do that when he has a base out there that is complaining very loudly that he hasn't been tough enough in his opposition to republicans. >> well, you know, i think that he can find some place where is he can find, as i said, some common ground. but with respect to empowering senator mcconnell in particular, i find that strange being said tonight, given that senator mcconnell at the heritage foundation today gave one of the most partisan speeches i've heard in washington in a long time. so i'm not sure what he's empowering in that context. now, maybe that's only what he has to say for public consumption and he's got some private secret plan. i tell you, one area, lawrence, that will come up in the lame duck session where we can see
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whether this is going to be available to him which is the president today said he wants to see the new start treaty ratified, which does have bipartisan support in the senate. will senator mcconnell go along and get that done and go along with that and have that happen during this lame duck session of the senate. if he says no, we're just going to be into obstructionism and just say no party, we'll at least know where the republican leadership stands. >> what is the smart move for the republicans on the treaty as john just mentioned. >> i think republican will by and large defer foreign policy to the administration -- >> isn't it tough for republican parties to come into the zone and start saying look, we're
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cooperating, we're cooperating. >> the thing to remember structurally about this is the republican leadership is plural and the republican caucus is obviously divided. the white house leadership is singular. so they cannot negotiate from the same kinds of sets of considerations. i think the thing i would say to john podesta is the president gets to decide what his top priorities are. he doesn't get to decide what the republican top priorities are. i'm going to give you a concession you don't want and hope you give me what i want. you have to listen to them. for the republican, the taxes are priority one. and they're a higher priority than any of the health stuff. that's the first one. so if you want to start a cycle of cooperation, you have to start there, not some place else that the president thinks is more convenient for the president. >> this is what the democrat/republican dialogue sounds like when it gets serious in the white house. david frum and john podesta, thank you both for your time tonight. despite the campaign ads to get latino voters to sit out of the election they turned out anyway. and those votes made all the difference in several key races including harry reid's win over sharron angle.
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and michael moore is back. he's warning things are not fixed on wall street. and the democrats better start fixing things or they'll face even worse losses in 2012. and tina fey talks about sarah palin. introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. ♪ ♪ [ growls ] ♪ ♪ [ polar bear grunting ] [ growls ] [ male announcer ] introducing the 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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>> as the latino vote continues to grow, it becomes more decisive, but this time you had some candidates actively fighting for the vote while others like sharron angle tried to provoke a large anti-latino
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vote with ugly ads like this. >> illegals sneaking across our border, putting americans' safety and jobs at risk. and what does harry reid do? he comes out opposed to arizona's tough new immigration law. nevada families struggling with the nation's highest employment. lar harry reid? he votes to give special tax breaks to illegal aliens and to give illegals social security benefits, even for the time they were here illegally. harry reid, the best friend an illegal alien ever had. >> and there's one group telling the fastest growing electorate -- more than 19 million eligible latino voters -- don't vote. in a democracy, robert, for you to say to people they should not vote, how can that come from anything other than an attempt to suppress a particular vote?
1:19 am
>> no, no. you have to look at the substance and listen to the ad. >> the ad says don't vote. what else do you want to -- you're saying don't vote. >> the fact is that we say if those people that did not do anything for immigrants in the past two years should not count on our vote. >> joining me now, the executive director of voto latino, maria teresa kumar. the latino vote was absolutely decisive in harry reid's race. was sharron angle's ad the single stupidest thing she did in a long campaign? >> si, si, si, yes, yes, yes. the latino vote wasn't a single vote, but with those nasty ads, the latinos were coming out as a community saying you're creating a caustic environment and we're
1:20 am
americans and we understand english and we know what you're say saying. not only did harry reid win the latino vote but so did his son. >> there are reasons to vote republican for latinos if you're going to be open to it as a candidate. >> absolutely. she shut down that conversation and never had it. not only did she do those ads but also went to court the latino vote by talking to those kids. oh, you actually look asian to me she said. it was one error after the other.
1:21 am
>> the pew exit polls found 65% of latinos chose democratic candidates. only 34% chose republicans. why was that in this cycle. >> because unfortunately the tea party came out and were supporting candidates like angle. and instead of talking about platform issues -- >> so the angle stuff overlapped and spread out across the board in these races? >> not only there, but you have 22 states that have copycat laws to that of arizona. all of a sudden instead of filling the vacuum saying your number one issue is jobs they're going to blame people losing their homes on latino. >> brian sandoval won the governorship in nevada, a republican, winning nv susanna martinez, the first latina governor. so these candidates, do they automatically get the latino vote? >> they open up the possibility. but sandoval was very anti-immigrant anti-immigrant. he did not win the latino vote in nevada. he got slammed by the latino vote.
1:22 am
>> what about susanna martinez? >> same thing. she got 38% of the latino vote. >> she was playing tough cop on the border. >> the only person that actually got more of the latino vote was rubio and he started separating himself from the tea party, softening himself on social security and immigration and started playing spanish speaking ads. nobody did that. and had meek talked a little bit more about immigration, he would have done better at the polls as well. >> and rubio's base includes a cuban component. a very large cuban component in the latino vote in florida. and does the cuban vote operate differently from the largely latino -- >> that's largely been a republican bloc and steady republican bloc. when you start peeling back the layers of the rubio vote, he got 60% of the cuban vote, but 40% of all the other latino votes. everybody is talking about 2012.
1:23 am
in order for anybody to take back the white house, they need at least 44% of the latino vote. the republicans are going to have to figure out how to better talk to the latino community. >> what is happening to the latino vote in age -- meaning the older latino voters going a certain way? the younger latino voters going the other way? >> it's mostly generational, but mostly democratic. but what's curious is between now and 2012, we're going to have an additional 1.5 million latinos on the voter roles who are eligible voters. that's an opportunity for both parties to talk about it. right now people are talking about the lame duck issue. what can they do? dream act. it provides a path for citizenship for people who want to serve in our military. and also provides young people who want to go to school, who already have the grades to go to college. then they can go on that path to citizenship and pay taxes and be part of the system.
1:24 am
>> the dream act reward people who have been here for a while. >> young kids. >> and they're coming out of the educational system undocumented. this would help them get documented? >> exactly. and in a way so that they can be a service back to our country. >> got to wrap it there. thank you very much for joining us tonight. and a programming note, maria will join me for a town hall event on latinos and the politics of immigration. it's set for monday, november 15 at 10:00 p.m. eastern in this time slot right here on msnbc. still ahead tonight, michelle bachmann and i have managed to find a point of agreement. find out more in "the rewrite." and up next, tina fey talks sarah palin and the 2010 midterm elections. s ] [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] something wrong with your squeegee, kid? uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you? you're fearless!
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tina fey appeared on dave letterman last night. he asked her about the elx and they talk about the most recent losing vice presidential candidate who will never be president. >> i didn't really follow the election. >> well, last night they sent america a message. >> what was the message. >> when you do sarah, is it an impression or is it just -- what's the other word? >> i don't even hardly remember --
1:29 am
>> i mean, do you work at it or is it all visual. >> all that stuff helps because i don't really look like her. i wish i did. i don't know, maybe you think i do. she's got a better face. i was trying to remember how to do that. she's extra sassy days. all her mama grizzlies are winning. they're busting through that glass ceiling. and the mama grizzlies are going to washington and they're going to flip your picnic table, dave. and they're going to go through that garbage. you're going to have to tie your food to a tree. >> i just -- i don't -- i wish i knew -- but i don't know -- i just can't figure out quite -- you know what i mean? >> you know what i noticed on fox news, on fox news they address her as governor palin, which is like calling me dairy queen employee. i was once.
1:30 am
but i quit. >> coming up, "the last word" says goodbye to the most memorable candidates of 2010. and part two of my exclusive interview with michael moore. he'll tell us what executive power president obama isn't using enough, and what he secretly loves about republicans. the scented oil travels up through the wooden block and out into the air. and no spills. [ male announcer ] also from the home collection febreze flameless luminary. their fragrances always smell so good. nice! i know, the design just adds the perfect touch. and when you're ready for a new look or scent... just pop on a new shade... and it flickers like a real candle. [ male announcer ] the febreze home collection. featuring soy blend candles, wood diffusers and flameless luminaries.
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>> we just had a tough election. we will have another in 2012. i'm no so naive to think that everybody will put politics aside until then, but i do hope to make progress on the very serious problems facing us right now. and that's going to require all of us, including me, to work harder at building consensus. >> we're back with more from michael moore about the midterm elections. you're putting the democrats on probation, i hear. probation?
1:34 am
>> well, i asked people when they voted this week, especially those who were upset or disappointed with obama, democrats who were disappointed. don't stay home -- >> love obama but are disappointed. >> but might stay home -- >> you wouldn't stay home. >> no, that wouldn't be me. but 14 million young people who voted for obama stayed home this week. and so i was saying look, i get that you're disappointed, i'm disappoint, a lot of people are disappointed, but go vote, please, because the alternative is much worse. and if you want, go ahead and sign up -- i have a petition on my website where it says, i'm -- >> i'll read what it says. we'll put it up on the screen. it says we just voted for you, the democratic members of congress, but our vote comes with one condition. if you do not get a spine and do what we expect of you, we'll find other candidates and we
1:35 am
mean it. consider yourself on notice, you have two more years to start doing the things we elected you to do. if you move one more inch to the center or to the right, you will never get our vote again. michael, i worked in the senate, i know these guys. this line in here where you say you have just two more years, that means they're going to start doing what you want 23 months from now. >> well, that would be too bad. enough people already checked out on this election. i can't imagine imagine what 2012 is going to look like. if obama and the democrats behave the way they did for these past two years. they had a mandate, a clear mandate to go in there. and what they fought for were half measures. they didn't even really try for the public option with health care. they didn't really put the -- i mean, you must talk to people on wall street. i mean, i -- people send me
1:36 am
things. people that work on wall street all the time. >> you actually know more people on wall street than doi. >> these are disgruntled people who are actually patriotic americans and who see the same abuses going on today that were going on two years ago. and their point to me is mike, not a whole hell of a lot has changed. if the president and the democrats don't push for real restriction, regulations on these guy, they're right now trying to get as much money, horde as much money as they can, because they're afraid the next crash could come at any minute and they want to make sure they have their nests feathered nicely. and i just think if they don't start fighting for these things, they're not going to get people inspired to come out and vote for them in 2012. that should just be a given right there. and i've got to tell you, those disappointed before the election, when they heard president obama, you know, give his -- what sounded like a concession speech when there was nothing to concede because we
1:37 am
still hold the white house, we still hold the senate. the majority -- there were more americans coming out of the polls saying that they liked democrats, slightly bit more than republicans. so we're not in a bad place here. and everybody is walking around like well, we've got to compromise now. this is what i love about republicans. i honestly secretly really admire them because man, they have guts. they come in with both guns blazing. they take no prisoners. what i suggested to you here and what played on last night's show about how there's 420 bills the house has already passed that the senate could pass right now because we have enough votes to do that. yet they won't do it, i know they won't do it. even simple bills like the child nutrition bills, they won't do it. if this was -- if the shoe was on the other foot, if this was the republicans in a lame duck
1:38 am
session, they would be passing as much of that as they could. because that's how they are. because they believe in something. and that's what americans love about republicans. they believe in something. >> and their guts come from a very simple-minded position -- cut taxes. which is their answer to everything, including job creation. i've asked republicans on this show, tell me how you would create jobs. the answer is the same every single time. i would extend the low tax brackets we currently have for everyone, especially and including the top tax brackets because somehow low top tax brackets miraculously create jobs, though there is no evidence for it. >> there is absolutely zero empirical evidence to support that position. >> but who cares. republicans hang in there. very simple. >> when you had the four tea partiers on. you conducted an actual tea party. all there. that was a brilliant show.
1:39 am
and not one of them could tell you what exactly would you do to take care of this problem? to have our democratic president standing there yesterday talking about the deficit. i can guarantee when the average american wakes up tomorrow, going off to work, working longer hours for less pay, not knowing if their job is going to be there, they're not thinking about the federal deficit. they're thinking about this job i have thank god i've got it and all those millions of americans that don't have jobs. you mentioned hollywood yesterday about how -- and they always accuse us -- you know, we have hollywood on our side. >> i said presidential elections have a movie star candidate to vote for. that's why you get the turnout. midterms are like trying to open up a movie on the weekend without a movie star. how do you do that? you've done it. >> right. but they've actually run movie
1:40 am
stars and won. they ran ronald reagan. fred thompson was a senator. >> they take it very literally, those republicans. >> i don't know why they hate hollywood so much. they always run -- when they run hollywood, they always win. >> arnold schwarzenegger. >> when are the democrats going to go hollywood. going hollywood means -- >> tom hanks, step right up here for your nomination. >> seriously, if we ran tom hanks, if we ran oprah i enmean, there's a whole column of people who are beloved people who are smart, good, but we have obama. and he's kind of like tom hampgs. why don't they make use of the good communicators in hollywood to fashion the message. you don't say things like, you know, here's your stimulus. you know, what the hell is -- it sounds like a gynecological thing you're handing out to people. it's called the tax cut and jobs bill.
1:41 am
unlike how the republicans use orwellian language when they name their bill, that was actually the truth. >> let's talk about the presidential pow thrashers remain to him. let's presume the house of representatives is dead to him. can't get anything done. he has veto power over every piece of domestic legislation. he has war powers in afghanistan. he haez defense department administrative powers in terms of how don't ask don't tell are administered even if they remain on the books. what should he be doing with his veto power, with his presidential powers that remain unique to him? >> use it with gusto. again, like you mean it. like you've got the guts and the courage to do it. americans are thinking do you stand for something? stand up for something. that would be so refreshing. people would love it. that's what he's got to do with
1:42 am
these things. yes, he has all these powers available to him, but you left off one i think very important power. the power of the bully pulpit. and who better knob that pulpit than barack obama? i mean, he should be out there like he hasn't been, communicating with people, talking to people in their language, and just laying it out there. people would be behind him. that's how he got elected. but to totally diss the youth vote like what happened in the past 20 months, that was such a mistake. you probably do know the statistic. that the 18 to 29 voters in '08, that was the only white demographic that he won. >> you have just taught me something i didn't know. i did not know that. >> every other age group, the
1:43 am
white voters voted for mccain. so that means he won such a massive amount of the youth vote, the 18 to 29-year-old, they became his only white demographic. if that was your only white demographic, would you just then once in office suddenly go to hell with them. that was like the dumbest thing to do. i would put every social media person, every young person back on the payroll. get them cranking and active, and not just to organize people to do your patsy work for you, but to actually do things that will be for them. he waited a long time, way too deep into this first term to pass that very good college grant thing where they took the power away from the banks. and you did a good thing the other night. showing all the things the obama administration did. they can't even communicate the good things they did. and then the next day i sthau website. i can't say the name of it on
1:44 am
the air here, but i think it was something to the effect of what the "f" has obama done so far. >> yes, yes. >> is that it? >> that's almost it. >> what did i win? i think i won something from the control booth just by saying "f." but click on this. just go on there. and it goes through this one thing after the other. and then it says oh, yeah, well, what else did you do? well, he got this thinged. that was so smart. i don't know who did that. probably some nerd kid computer dude. and i'm thinking the democratic national committee, the party, the obama people, they couldn't put up -- if they just did stuff like that for the last two years, they would have been in such better shape. there's a 5 million vote difference this week between those who voted for republicans and those who voted for democrats. 5 million is all.
1:45 am
14 million people who voted for obama didn't show up on tuesday. all you needed was 5 million of them to show up and we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> michael moore, thanks for joining me two nights in a row. thank you, michael moore. >> series regular. wow. i'll try to dress nicer next time. >> you'll win an emmy for that. >> on election night, the victor can bask in cheers from support supporters. tonight, the losers get the last word.
1:46 am
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1:50 am
the constitutional caucus for the tea party. this will focus on defending constitutional conservative principles by holding regular classes with real experts. classes with real experts. what could be wrong with that. it's something she's always wanted to do. there's so many folks that come here to discuss mundane topics but nobody to discuss the bill of rights or the role of government. well, obviously. that's while bachmann thought it was reasonable to investigate members of congress for un-american policies. what they are right about is that the separation of church and state doesn't appear in the
1:51 am
constitution. what they are wrong about is everything else they think and say about it. congress shall make no now respecting the accomplishment of a church. what president jeffrey wrote in 1803, i contemplate the free exercise thereof thus building a wall between separation of church and state.
1:52 am
bachmann's class will also eventually get to details like the line item veto on her official house website. on her official website, she touts this unconstitutional idea. i am a co-sponsor of legislation which would authorize a presidential line item veto. when she finishes her course, bachmann's website should say, i am no longer a co-sponsor of legislation which would authorize a line-item veto because it would violate article 1 section 1 and article 1 section 7 of the constitution as the courts have ruled repeatedly. so here's hoping the classes with real experts, experts michelle bachmann is refusing to name actually impoouf tea party constitutional knowledge.
1:53 am
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in politics, losers are quickly forgotten. except the class of 2010. here's one last look at the losers we'll never forget. ♪ >> i'll take you out, buddy.
1:57 am
>> i'll take you out, buddy. >> they wear these little speedos and they grind against each other and it's a terrible thing. >> for dr. ming. i don't know what his name is. >> you have not heard the last of carl paladino. >> take off the mandates for coverage in the state of nevada and all over the united states. you're paying for things that you don't even need.
1:58 am
>> i think birth has an influence like alcoholism and other things. >> everything they want to throw at us is covered under autism. >> started the recession. >> how about maternity leave? i'm not having any more baby bus i get to pay for it on my shoe pop i'm arrogant. people i'm here to represent cannot pay their rent. >> my former agency delivered on time and reliable service. >> you can't masterbate without lust. >> why am i in the picture? >> we're going to be supportive because we want them all to succeed because if they succeed, we succeed. >> i want you to know that i'm so proud of you. because this was never about you. it was always about us.
1:59 am
>> i'm not a witch. >> where in the constitution is separation of church and state? >> although the outcome isn't what we all worked so hard for -- ♪ >> who was your most memorable candidate of 2010. go to our job and goat. my candidate got more votes for senate than each of the following winners their senate campaigns.